Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Check the basics before calling a computer service tech

There is nothing worse for you when you call a computer service company for a home visit and see that it took the tech 5 minutes to fix the problem you were having. Most computer service companies charge a one hour minimum. The minimum for computer service in Delaware county would probably range from 75 dollars to 145 dollars. Once a tech walks in your door, you are going to be charged that one hour minimum. I couldn't tell you how many times I have gotten calls and showed up at someones home and fixed the problem within 2 minutes of seeing the machine. Here are a few examples and ways to check if it is an actual problem needing a tech.

1. The printer won't print- First make sure the printer is actually turned on , make sure any cable for it is plugged in.

2. I am not getting any sound- Make sure your volume is turned up and the sound is not muted. If you have just moved your PC, make sure the speakers are plugged into the right jack. Usually the green port.

3. My computer is not turning on- This happens far too many times. Make sure your computer power is plugged in securely to both the back of the computer and to the power source. If you have a power strip make sure it is on.

4. I can't get on the Internet- This can be because of many things. Make sure your network cable is plugged in to your computer if you are hard wired. If you have a wireless connection , make sure you are actually connected. Call your Internet service provider and make sure there is no outage in the area.

The five minute call does happen many times and for the most part, most technicians do feel uncomfortable charging it when they were there such a small time. But it is a business. When this happens on a DelVal PC , we will spend some time checking the system for other problems it may have or just simply do a security check. The last thing we want a customer to think is that they were scammed. We actually ask allot of questions when we get a call from a potential customer to avoid these kinds of calls.

If you are in need of Computer Service in Drexel Hill, Upper Darby, Secane, Glenolden, Broomall, Springfield , Boothwyn or any other town in the Delaware County, dont hesitate to give us a call @ 484-480-8092

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